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How to join a society?

If you decide to enter society, then you are on the right track and you just have to take a few simple steps, which I will write in as much detail as possible so that you do not have any questions.

1. Read and agree with the IBNS Code of Ethics.
In short, it says about the inadmissibility of spreading confidential information outside the society, about the fulfillment of all contracts and agreements reached within the society. You must agree not to buy or sell numismatic items, the ownership of which is in doubt, not to present as genuine any fakes, copies or reproductions. The Code of Ethics also prohibits cleaning, washing, pressing and chemical treatment of banknotes in order to distort their natural state and appearance. Well, you also have to respond to official notifications from IBNS as soon as possible.

2. You must choose the type of your membership
INDIVIDUAL ($ 36 per year) – Most common, suitable for most collectors
GROUP ($ 36 per year) – for banks, museums, archives, schools, companies and societies
JUNIOR ($ 18 per year) – for children under 18 (with permission from parents or guardians)
FAMILY ($ 36 per year) – for families, includes husband, wife and their minor children
Prices and descriptions of types are indicated on this page:

3. Fill out the Application form  on the page

At first glance, it seems huge, but there are few required fields (they are highlighted in bold), and the questions are very simple. I will focus only on a few that I consider to be the most important and significant.

  • Given Name & Family Name: do not be too lazy to look into the passport and rewrite from there.
  • Address Line: you need to write in English, starting with the apartment or house number, then street, city, zip code, region and country. The address must be real, make sure that you can then receive items from IBNS to it.
  • Banknote Collecting Interests: Please specify in more detail what you collect, such as countries and continents or themes (Queen of England, hyperinflation, specimens, fauna and flora). For these keywords, like-minded people will then find you.
  • Set your privacy level – specify what your data is allowed to be made public and what is not.

4. Payment.
You can pay using PayPal and only for 1 year, payment is done directly on the website page. If you have not used PayPal before, then you can register in it, link a card of any Ukrainian bank and the payment will be charged from it.

5. The Application form is processed within 1 week and as a result you will receive a welcome E-mail with the assigned ID number and password for access to the closed part of the site and to the forum. Congratulations, you are now a member of the worldwide collector community!

6. In about a month, a participant’s kit (ID-card, badge, directory, the latest Journal, etc.) will be sent to the specified mailing address.

7. For a whole year you enjoy the benefits of an IBNS member of the society and receive Journals by post.

8. After 11 months, you will receive a reminder asking you to renew your IBNS membership. If you do not want to do this, you simply ignore the messages, your profile will be deactivated and no one will persuade you to stay.