Banknote collectors quiz

Dear banknote collectors!

The next Banknote of the Year competition has ended with a confident victory for Mexico over the rest of the countries. But the numismatic life should not stay on pause and we already offer you a new activity. In honor of the first anniversary of the Ukrainian IBNS Chapter, we have prepared a quiz about Ukrainian money from the period of 1991-1996.

So, the Ukrainian Chapter of the IBNS society invites you to test your knowledge about coupon-karbovanets. You have to correctly answer 15 questions, which were prepared by Sergey Starinets, IBNS member, employee of the local history museum, Brovary city.

When answering questions, remember that there is no time limit, but keep in mind that any participant can get ahead of you. For each correct answer, you will earn points. The total amount of points you receive gives you a chance to receive one of the prizes. The maximum possible number of points is 50.

To start answering the quiz questions, click here.

Quiz prizes.

Prize for 1 place – an album for storing banknotes Angora 3 cm with sheets (market sales price – 520 UAH)
Prize for 2nd place – a set of souvenir banknotes Airplanes of Ukraine (market sales price – 300 UAH)
Prize for 3rd place – NumiLand Banknotes Puzzle, A3 format, 252 elements, time to complete – 1 hour (market sales price – 200 UAH)
Prizes for 4th and 5th places – regular journals of the IBNS society, # 1 for 2021.

Prizes and timing of the quiz.

If there are several participants with the same number of points, the winner is the one whose answers will be sent earlier. Prize-winning places will be awarded by a collegial decision of the jury consisting of members of the IBNS society.
The period of the quiz is from April 22 to May 6, 2021. Summing up and awarding the winners – May 7.
Prizes will be sent only to Ukraine territory by Nova Poshta by the costs of the organizers and cannot be replaced with their cash equivalent.

We wish everyone correct answers in the IBNS quiz and, of course, new banknotes for your collections !!!

At the end there is a small spoiler.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the NBU’s monetary reform, after which a new currency, the Hryvnia, came into circulation. We are preparing for the next quiz about Hryvnias, so stay tuned and join the international banknote collectors community IBNS!

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