About Ukrainian Сhapter

Ukrainian Chapter
IBNS Chapter #34

Application to establish the UKRAINIAN CHAPTER of the IBNS has been approved March, 11th, 2020.

PRESIDENT (and primary contact officer)
Serhiy Trushin #LM-259
Email: admin@ibns.org.ua
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Banknotes collector (modern world). Experience of about 30 years.
Website development and promotion specialist.
Founder of NumiLand. A pre-MBA graduate in marketing.
Aleksandr Ladchenko, #12637-G
Email: contact@ibns.org.ua
Honorary Member
Dmitri Kharitonov #LM-107
The first Life Member of IBNS in Ukraine. Banknotes collector, about 40 years of experience.
Author of 3 catalogs on banknotes, publications in various media, including the magazine IBNS.
IBNS Prize for Literary Achievements in 2016. Awarded with a commemorative medal in honor of the 60th anniversary of IBNS in 2021.
Honorary Member
Sev Onyshkevych #10163-R
Naples, FL USA
First Vice President of IBNS
President and CEO of In Vino Veritas Consultants, member of 11 Boards of Directors.
Professor and member of the Academic Board at Lviv business school (Ukrainian Catholic university).
Oleksandr Danishenko, #9876-R
Nürnberg, Germany
Banknote collector, dealer, regular participant of world numismatic exhibitions.
Founder of the Danishenko banknotes and coins project (eBay nickname danishenko), as well as co-founder of the Lemberg-Zp/JavirNV project on several online trading platforms and the main supplier of banknotes.
Evgen Likhatskyy, #11932
Bonist collector. Sphere of interests – all of Ukraine: state, municipal and private issues. Checks of financial institutions. Consumer cards. Artifacts of card and distribution systems.
Author of a number of articles on Ukrainian bonistics, author of the register “Signs of one-time fare in public transport in Kiev”.
Profiles on: ViolityBonistika.NetFox-Notes
Igor Tereshkov, #12351
Taipei, Taiwan
Serhii Starynets, #12591-R
Banknotes collector (Ukraine, USSR, CIS). Museum employee.
Sells catalogs and accessories in various areas of collecting.
Vadim Barkov, #12597-G
Collector, blogger, author of the bonistic project “Ukraine in banknotes”
Youtube: http://bit.ly/3qS4F7D
Telegram: https://t.me/VadimNunizmat
Oleksii Yerastov, #12663-R
Collector, dealer, regular participant in most European numismatic exhibitions, gatherings and fairs.
Expert-consultant on postal customs, customs legislation of Ukraine.
NewAuction Page
Yevhen Riabenko, #12670-R
Banknotes collector (modern world).
Dmitry Kopaev, #12696-R
Banknotes collector (world).
Serhiy Dziuba, #12786-R
Banknotes and coins collector. I collect banknotes of Ukraine, Asia, Europe and also the modern world, new issues of banknotes. I collect anniversary coins of Ukraine, and circulation coins of the world. I run an Instagram blog about my collection of banknotes and coins – 95sergei_official_collection
Vladislav Chernyuk, # 12810-R
I trade in banknotes and coins.
Website: https://wbs.org.ua/
Vitaly Haschak, #13053-R
Bila Tserkva/ Kyiv
Collector of banknotes (Romania, world countries) and coins (Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA).
Kostiantyn Gerdii, #13112-R
I collect and sell world banknotes.
Anton Kulyzhka, #13121-R
Lancaster, USA
I am a collector-bonist (modern world). I also collect coins of Ukraine and Europe.
Mikhail Istomin, #6811
Oleksandr Melnikov, #11453
Vasyl Vorotyntsev, 12677-J
Dmytro Beskrovnyi, 12723-R
Viktor Pavlenko, 13110-RPlease, contact us to add information about you on this page.