Results of the quiz

Results of the quiz dedicated to the first series of Ukrainian hryvnias (1992)

We received 44 completed questionnaires with grades ranging from 42 to 96 points.
Each participant of the quiz received his result and analysis of the correct answers.
The most difficult were the questions about:

  • the periods of being in circulation,
  • the security element and
  • the width of the inscription “Ukraine” on the banknotes.

As you can see in the diagram, the density of responses near the maximum mark is very high. Therefore, we decided to reward all the winners who answered more than 90% of the questions correctly.
We also decided to give additional prizes to 5 participants at once, who scored 90 points out of 100. Souvenirs from the series “Ukraine in banknotes” from Vadim Barkov were sent to Khmelnitsky, Lviv, Mykolayiv and Bryansk.

Now, our winners:

  • 6th place with 91 points goes to Lyudmila from Kyiv, and we sent her the regular journal IBNS.
  • Her compatriot Sergei scored exactly the same number of points and he also receives IBNS journal for the 5th place in our quiz.
  • 4th place with a score of 93 points rightfully goes to Evgeniy from Dnipro, this is his second victory in our quiz in a row and he will receive a prize – three souvenir banknotes from the series “Ukraine in banknotes”.
  • The prize for the 3rd place, a pocket album for storing Angora banknotes was sent to Oleg in the Ternopil region, his result is 94 points, he is also our regular participant with two victories in the asset.
  • The prize for the 2nd place – a notaphilic puzzle with a score of 96 points goes to Pavlo from Lutsk (answers were accepted on 23 September).
  • The prize for the 1st place – the catalog of Dmitry Kharitonov “Ukrainian paper money” with the author’s autograph is sent to Rivne, Alexander receives it. Alexander’s result is 96 points, but we accepted his answers on September 15 and, according to the rules, the main prize goes to him!


We contacted each of the winners by E-mail, which they indicated in the questionnaire, asked for a postal address and have already sent prizes to everyone who responded. Please note that the organizers are not responsible for the delivery of prizes by the postal services of Ukraine.
This time we received a lot of feedback on the correct answers and decided to record a simple video about our quiz. In this video we will tell you how the questions were created and how the answers to them were found. The video is ready, you can watch it in the open Telegram channel of the Ukrainian Chapter of the IBNS at the link
Also in the nearest future – to create a section on the site with an archive of quizzes and make them constantly available in 3 languages. We already have three quizzes and we do not intend to stop there. Suggestions, ideas and questions for new quizzes are accepted at

Congratulations to all winners! Thank you all for your feedback, comments and constructive criticism, and special thanks to those who helped spread the information about the quiz. For those who did not win this time, we wish you the best of luck in the new contests! Thank you for your participation and interest in the topic of Ukrainian bonistics!


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