Quarterly report IBNS, 2023/4

The Ukrainian Chapter turned three years old recently. We have grown to 21 members. In this short report I will tell you what we are doing in 2023.

Immediately after the announcement of the winner of the Banknote of the Year 2022, we released the third edition of the catalogue of all banknotes nominated for the award from 2004 to 2022. In this edition, not only the cover, but also all pages of the catalogue have been completely redesigned.

Banknote dealers Oleksandr Danishenko (#9876-R) and Igor Tereshkov (#12351) attend all important fairs in Europe, Asia and the USA to ensure the supply of banknotes for Ukrainian collectors.

Chapter members Vadim Barkov (#12597-G) and Oleksii Yerastov (#12663-R) continue to produce souvenir products: banknotes and coins with patriotic Ukrainian themes.

At the exhibition in Maastricht, we met with the President and presented a souvenir from all members of the Ukrainian Chapter, thanking her for support in a difficult time for Ukraine.

From R to L: Oleksandr Danishenko (#9876-R), Pamela West (#LM-079), Serhiy Trushyn (#LM-259), Peter West

Together with Dmitry Kopaev (#12696-R), Vitaly Haschak (#13053-R) and Yevhen Riabenko (12670-R) we organise collective purchases of banknotes from international dealers or directly from Central Banks of other countries. In this matter we have accumulated enormous experience.

At the last Sberatel Fair, which took place in Prague, in the first week of September, a Meeting Place for Ukrainian collectors was organised. It was a dealer’s table at which I personally worked for two days and met collectors from Ukraine, as well as those who collect everything Ukrainian. There you could buy Ukrainian banknotes, coins and souvenir products. Perhaps this will become our new tradition, thanks to Sberatel owners.

From R to L: Oleksii Yerastov (#12663-R), Serhiy Trushyn (#LM-259), Igor Tereshkov ( #12351), Oleksandr Danishenko (#9876-R)

This report is also published in the official IBNS journal #62.4 for 2023.

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