Quarterly report IBNS, 2022/4

«Good evening, we are from Ukraine»

– this greeting has become the most popular during the war time for our country. Its author is the music group Probass Hardi, and these words are already a symbol of the battle for freedom and independence.

The Ukrainian Chapter of IBNS has always had something to say about its activity. Now there is not much news, but we still have to remind about ourselves and about Ukraine.

We have changed the Chapter logo, instead of the arm we have placed the Ukrainian flag on it and stretched it over the entire free space. Thus, it will be visible even on a small image. Our blue-and-yellow flag is now very often seen in different cities around the world, confirming the wide international support for Ukraine.

Updated Logo of Ukrainian Chapter of IBNS

Serhiy Trushyn LM-259, the President of the Chapter, was able to leave the occupied territory and is now in Germany, continuing to lead the Chapter’s activities.

Members of our society produce souvenir products with military themes.  Oleksii Yerastov 12663-R  designed and produced blisters with 1 hryvnia coins.

Vadim Barkov, 12597-G expanded the series of souvenir banknotes, dedicated to the weapons used by the Ukrainian army at the front.

Serie of souvenir banknotes “Weapon of Ukraine”, First issue

Ukraine is represented and supported at international exhibitions by Igor Tereshkov 12351-R and Olexander Danishenko 9876-R .

Olexander Danishenko 9876-R and his wonderful assistants on Aachen-2022

The number of members of the Chapter has not changed yet, although we are constantly working with potential new people. In the photo you can see an IBNS recruiting.

Serhiy Trushyn LM-259, Yevhen Riabenko 12670-R and Dmitry Kopaev 12696-R, working with Ukrainian Banknotes collectors.

I would like to write you more information about our meetings, exchanges, travels, about the issue of new Ukrainian banknotes, to provide interesting photos, but at the moment our life is war…

The Ukrainian Chapter wishes you a peaceful sky over your head!

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