Commemorative Banknote of the Year 2023

Commemorative Banknote of the Year 2023
Dear friends, on this festive day, the Ukrainian branch of IBNS is pleased to announce that we have completed the counting of votes for the best commemorative banknote issued in 2023.
According to the results of the voting, which was attended by collectors from 27 different countries, the first place with 185 points was taken by the Ukrainian 20 hryvnia banknote.
We are very pleased that our banknote received the most votes, and we thank you all for your support.

The TOP5 is as follows:
1. Ukraine, 20 hryvnia – 185 points
2. Poland, 20 zloty – 91 points
3. Eastern Caribbean states, 2 dollars – 88 points
4. Kazakhstan, 10,000 tenge – 71 points
5. Cayman Islands, $70 – 59 points

Here you can see the entire list of banknotes that took part in the voting.

We remind you that very soon, the official voting for the Banknote of the Year will take place on the IBNS website (only for IBNS members).

Happy New Year 2024! May it be peaceful, friendly and successful for all good endeavors!

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